Sara Mosher on the squeeze box and Clare Conte on the accordion pose for an illustration on railroad tracks behind my house in the Plains, Ohio. This is a parody on all of the unknown bands who pose in front of a brick wall or on railroad tracks in attempts to muster a rockstar image. Often they take their photo opportunity very seriously, even though the context is cliche and the photo is taken by an amateur photographer. There was no photoshop manipulation in the creation of this photo. I used studio lights and a faux brick wall purchased at Lowe’s Home Improvement. We only had to dodge a freight train once during the shoot. This band doesn’t exist, if it did it would sound terrible.
Jim Fullerton stands in the doorway of Sunset Motel in Athens, OH where he has lived for years. All of his belongings are contained in his one room, including his most dear possession, an urn containing his wife's ashes.
Arnie Lagraff poses for a portrait. He’s an optometrist and spends most of his day gazing into the eyeball of others. Here, he is acting the part of his patients as he sits behind the optometry equipment.
Yelena left her homeland of Russia twenty-two years ago to start a new life in America. Though relatives had left for the States years before her, Yelena decided against the transition as she feared that immigrant status could strip her of certain freedoms. But the political and social climate under Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev in the '80s moved her to begin a new life oversees. While in America Yelena learned to drive; she was fifty-something. Ultimately, she learned the language, found work and watched her grandchildren grow. Three years ago, she buried her husband. Yelena has braved more than most, and she wears that liveliness that keeps her going.
Travis (no last name) served in the U.S. Navy from 1963-1969. He is a musician, a poet, treasurer for AVER (American Veterans for Equal Rights) and patriotic to his country despite the interrogations he endured while serving. His most difficult day came at 19 years of age while he was serving in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. One Monday at 8 a.m., he received a call to report to his commanding officer. His sexual preference was the subject of interrogation. While his military experience was more of an internal battle rather than defending his country, Travis still found himself fighting for justice.
Isaac Jr. warms down after running in the mountains as part of his self imposed training as a boxer.