Dan Klos, a master kite builder, gave a kite building demonstration to a few dozen people in Port Clinton, Ohio. Klos, who has entered the legs in a competition with the finest kite builders, joked that he is a frustrated aeronautical engineer.
Kapri Kelley (13) laughs while stretching for their performance during Dance Extravaganza held at McKay Events Center on the campus of Utah Valley University in Orem, Saturday. From left to right: Jordan Hutchison (14), Jeremy Platt (12), Jillian James (14), Sabina Boldt (13), Kapri Kelley (13) and Kennedy Brotherson (14) are part of a dance team affiliated with Center Stage and were amongst the hundreds of performers that celebrated National Dance Day.
Six-year-old Shakira gets an outdoor shower from her twelve-year-old sister Shenika. They live with in The Crops, a shanty town owned by Bahamians. Their home is set apart from other makeshift dwellings that are found in the Haitian village. Their home, unlike anyone else’s, has indoor plumbing and electricity.
View of Gray’s Reef Light built in 1936, from the deck of Hornet, the last sailboat in her class during the 2009 Race To Mackinac. This was the slowest race in the history of the 333-mile Lake Michigan race, and it didn’t help that Hornet only performs in heavy weather conditions. The crew was thrilled to have wind during this leg of the race, as Hornet was given the moniker ‘The Floating Condo.’
Cristiano Creminelli stuffs his specialty meat into casings at his factory, Creminelli Fine Meats, in Springville, UT. He moved from Biella, Italy over four years ago and began making his specialized salami’s in the basement of Tony Caputo’s Market and Deli, located in Salt Lake City. His products are now sold in 400 retail locations nationwide.
A music video was being filmed with musician Kyle Andrews (cq) in the middle of the “Cougar Cooldown,” an event intending to break a world record for the world’s largest water balloon fight hosted by Brigham Young University on the Richards Building Field, Friday. The goal was 4,000 participants with 120,000 water balloons.
The Girl’s 200 Yard Freestyle Relay begins during the Region I Swimming Championships at the South Davis Recreation Center in Bountiful, UT.
Worn spots on the counter at Pete's Lunch in Provo have documented the years in which community members have perched, and chewed the fat. The building has been around since about 1972.