Mennonite children work independently in one of the three buildings that house a one-room classroom on Andros Island.
Cordelle, a Bahamian, wishes safe travels to Melvin, a Mennonite who after working as a mechanic for over four years as part of his missionary contribution, is preparing to leave for home in Pennsylvania.
Mennonite missionaries volunteer to put out a brush fire as they see this as an opportunity to do God's work. The one fire department is out of reach to most who live on the island. Apart from the quick response from the mission, the running joke is to call a day in advance if you're house is going to catch on fire.
Melvin repairs a car owned by a Bahamian at the largest machine shop on the entire island. Though many on the island argue that the Mennonite Mission is taking jobs from citizens, Bahamians refuse to work for them as they don't wish to join the church.
Homemade Zucchini bread is one of the many goods sold at the bake sale operated by the Mennonite women every Friday on the periphery of their property alongside Queen's Highway.
Lukas reads a story to the children of a Mennonite family he grew up with. The father is currently the pastor and leader of the Andros mission.